GoMeyra LIMS


An All-In-One and Fully Customizable Cloud-Based LIMS

“Game-Changing Flexibility and Control”



An All-In-One and Fully Customizable Cloud-Based LIMS

“Game-Changing Flexibility and Control”

GoMeyra LIMS

Create orders online in real-time with results tracking, batching of orders, sample tracking during shipping, and automated sign-up process.


Bar Code scanning, raw sample storage organization, auto accept/reject of samples, batch samples by instrument, and reduces/eliminate patient data input.


Insurance billing friendly, credit card processing and reporting, with full real-time revenue reporting. Test results are automated to both clients and individuals.


Automated reporting from instruments, view draft reports by type, review and approve Raw Sample Data Reports in real-time, maintain and store historical data.

Inventory Management

Lab and Client inventory management with real-time inventory tracking. Define par levels to automate restocking/re-ordering, online client supply ordering, and vendor management systems.


Easily connect ANY testing instrument to the GoMeyra LIMS in real-time. This Automation reduces human error and allows for custom data purging and reporting.

Government Reporting

The GoMeyra LIMS helps automate the time-consuming and burdensome operation of government reporting. Now you have a way to easily generate the reporting unique to your laboratory.

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GoMeyra LIMS

    An All-In-One Laboratory Information Management Solution (LIMS) Like No Other

    Employer / Provider Portal

    GoMeyra is a comprehensive and fully customizable cloud-based laboratory information management solution developed to help your team easily operate as automated, contactless, and compliant as possible. Our dedicated team of laboratory professionals and software developers worked diligently to create a solution from your perspective. Each of the six main laboratory functions seamlessly flow from one to the other ensuring you have accurate and timely information you need to effectively manage your laboratory. Most importantly, GoMeyra is designed to be flexible to your needs and way of operating.

    GoMeyra LIMS Highlights

    • Easy Sign-Up and Registration Process

    • Real-Time, 24/7 Results Tracking

    • Governmental Reporting Made Easier

    • Built-In Data Analyzer for All Instrument Data Conversion

    • Automated Reminders and Notifications

    • Online Payment Processing Available

    • Test Kit Inventory Control Online

    • Bar/QR Code Scanning Automation Capabilities

    • Ability to Manage the Entire Diagnostic Life-Cycle

    • Reduced Administrative Resources and Streamline Workflows

    • Reduce Human Error Through Automation

    • Place Test Orders in Seconds

    • Reduce Manual Steps and Laboratory Personnel

    • Integrated Utility Simplifies and Automates Data Collection


    Create Valuable Reports for Every Laboratory Department

    A Big Stepsaver


    A Built-in and Real-Time Automated Instrument Data Conversion Utility

    Compatible with Every Instrument

    GoMeyra’s fully-automated instrumentation conversion tools allow you to import raw data in real-time from any instrument. The built-in utilities work with all instrumentation and can reduce many laboratory management steps AND human error. 

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    Simplify, Automate and Empower Your Business.


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