GoMeyra LIMS


An All-In-One and Fully Customizable Cloud-Based LIMS

Drive your Business and Laboratory Operations with the GoMeyra Advantage

An All-In-One and Fully Customizable Cloud-Based LIMS

Drive your Business and Laboratory Operations with the GoMeyra Advantage
About GoMeyra
GoMeyra LIMS
The GoMeyra Mission

Re-Imagine: Evolve your laboratory and business operations toward greater accessibility, functionality, and interconnectivity to a degree never before imaginable. 

Re-Engineer: Transform everyday workflows into focused collective actions creating targeted, highly automated functions via continuous workflow segmentation.

Re-Wire: Connect workflows and activities to ensure a direct causality between strategy and business priorities while leveraging a cross-functional approach spanning all departments to drive efficiencies for your entire organization.

Re-Think: Drive sustainable value where technology, operations, culture, and the customer experience are combined in one holistic approach offering the ultimate customer experience and keeping clients loyal and engaged.

The GoMeyra solution was initiated by the crushing weight felt by laboratories around the world during the 2020 pandemic and evolved by following a deliberate and precise architectural roadmap. We brought together the talents and expertise of world-class scientists, enterprise-level business entrepreneurs, laboratory informatics, and quality assurance professionals with engineers, technology architects, and software experts to provide a technology solution keenly focused on our clients’ needs.

As the industry continues to move towards precision medicine and continuously becomes disrupted by new innovations, laboratories need a technology partner who understands the unique challenges they will face before they even know about them.

What this Means for You
  • Easy Sign-Up and Registration Process
  • Real-Time, 24/7 Results Tracking
  • Automated Reminders and Notifications for Smoother Operations
  • Online Payment Processing Available
  • Test Kit Inventory Control Online
  • Bar/QR Code Scanning Automation Capabilities
  • Ability to Manage the Entire Diagnostic Life-Cycle
  • Reduced Administrative Resources and Streamline Workflows
  • Reduce Human Error Through Automation
  • Place Test Orders in Seconds
  • Reduce Manual Steps and Laboratory Personnel
  • Integrated Utility Simplifies and Automates Data Collection
  • Built-In Data Analyzer

— Accelerate your productivity with GoMeyra.

— Eliminate nonvalue-added laboratory activities.

— Simplify, Automate, and Empower Your Business.


Wait, There’s More

GoMeyra COLLECT Mobile App
GoMeyra SCAN Mobile App


GoMeyra also offers two convenient and powerful Apps to help bring LIMS capabilities directly to your mobile device. Users can download the App from any Apple or Android device and begin receiving all the Laboratory information needed to keep you operating smoothly.

Users are able to connect, view, and download testing information and provide any needed testing documentation on the go… At the Airport, School, or as needed in business.

GoMeyra Scan
GoMeyra LIVE Demo
Schedule your live demo NOW and see just how GoMeyra can help make your life easier and Lab operations smoother.
GoMeyra LIMS