LIMS for Employers

As an employer, you aim to make your workplace safe and healthy for all staff and customers. Our clients in the travel, entertainment, child care and hospitality industries find it essential to conduct COVID-19 tests and drug screenings. They are often forced to outsource to laboratories, causing a backlog of employees waiting to get to work and/or customers left in a lurch. Now more than ever, employers need fast, reliable laboratory resources for employee testing. They have found that with GoMeyra. We partner with employers and connect them to nearby labs that quickly generate accurate test results to help you focus on running your business.

Why GoMeyra LIMS is Your Business Solution

We provide a comprehensive LIMS solution for a wide range of uses across multiple industries. We naturally know the ins and outs of employee testing and can connect you with nearby laboratories and testing facilities to help you process COVID-19 tests, drug screenings and other medical tests. Our platform streamlines each step of the process. We provide employers with all of the supplies and inventory needed to collect samples and send them to trusted laboratories. Employers need only pay for the tests they use. Results are delivered right to the patient’s and client’s phone with our mobile app technology.

We partner with your business so you can grow. We offer PR and advertising amenities with our extensive customer service and technical support. Our onboarding process is quick and seamless and gets your lab flowing faster within 24 to 48 hours. With GoMeyra, you can be sure that your business is compliant with HIPAA, PHI and PCI.

Employee COVID-19 Testing

Prevent workplace delays and ensure the health of employees with COVID-19 testing. GoMeyra partners with employers to help them find the best COVID-19 testing solutions for their business. We connect you with nearby laboratories that offer quick, accurate, and simple rapid COVID-19 testing. Rapid testing results means you can get back to work sooner, prevent closures and ensure a safe workplace for employees and customers.

Employee Drug Testing

Need to conduct drug testing on your current employees or those seeking employment at your business? Many industries maintain a policy of testing their employees for drug use, including health care facilities and hospitals, government offices, and transportation companies. GoMeyra matches employers with local laboratories that quickly test employee samples so you get your results back rapidly in order to make critical business decisions.

Benefits of LIMS for Employers

When conducting on-site employee testing or pre-employment testing, time is of the essence. Employers need to receive accurate results quickly to ensure operations can resume and run smoothly. GoMeyra connects employers with qualified labs to facilitate sample testing and receive rapid results.

  • No software setup or startup fees
  • All inventory and supplies are provided
  • Testing is streamlined
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Ensures employees return to work sooner
  • Keeps workplaces safe and healthy
  • Provides access to telehealth
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