Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

GoMeyra’s intuitive, cloud-based LIMS software solution enables laboratories, medical providers, employers, and others to manage lab samples and receive accurate test results quickly.

All-In-One and Fully Customizable
Cloud-Based LIMS

The most important role that a LIMS plays in a laboratory is to increase operational efficiencies through automation and streamlining of workflows. A robust LIMS eliminates the need for maintaining information manually and still meet regulatory guidelines.

  • Facilitates easy record keeping and reporting
  • Removes the risks of human errors
  • Improves the overall turnaround time
  • GoMeyra’s bar and QR coding controls the testing life cycle from storing, testing, reporting and archiving

Inventory Management

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Take control of your inventory and reduce inventory loss by using the real-time tracking capability of our laboratory inventory management software. Our system keeps you up to date on your products at all times, alerting you to low stock, expiring products, and provider threshold requirements.

  • Manage expiring inventory
  • Get low inventory alerts
  • View inventory history

Automated Ordering and Stocking

Keep your lab inventory well-stocked with automated ordering and stocking from GoMeyra. By calculating and benchmarking the materials your lab requires, our cutting-edge lab inventory management system replenishes your stock so you never run out.

  • Keep testing locations stocked
  • Order online
  • Bar code scanning technology

Vendor Management System

GoMeyra LIMS includes a vendor management system, so you always know where to source your equipment. Keep all your vendors organized in our streamlined platform to easily locate the resources you need.

  • Quickly gain access to vendors
  • Improve vendor relationships
  • Automate transactions

Sample Management Software

Catalog and Organize Samples

When samples are disorganized, your operations are bogged down by time-consuming manual work that puts you at risk for human error. Our sample inventory management software allows you to carefully organize all of your lab samples, so you can find them in no time and move on to your next task.

  • Print and scan bar codes
  • Filter and sort samples
  • Easily search for quick results

Automate Reporting

Government reporting is one of the most time-consuming tasks labs must complete. What if the process could be done for you? GoMeyra’s sample management software enables you to automate all reporting, freeing you up to focus on other pressing tasks. It’s simple to generate the reports specific to your laboratory.

  • Customize your reports
  • Meet important requirements
  • Gain insights into your operations

Track Samples

With so many samples to process, store, and manage, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. GoMeyra’s specimen tracking software gives you the tools and resources to diligently track every sample that comes through your doors. With our cloud-based software, you can know its location and status in seconds.

  • Accurately store and track with bar code scanning
  • Get alerted to expiring samples
  • Reduce specimen loss

Government Reporting

The GoMeyra LIMS helps automate the time-consuming and burdensome operation of government reporting. Now you have a way to easily generate the reporting unique to your laboratory.


Get real-time instrument integration and easily connect ANY testing instrument to the GoMeyra LIMS. GoDirect’s automation reduces human error and allows for custom data purging and reporting.

For Providers

Medical providers depend on fast and accurate testing to ensure patient health and design their necessary treatment plans. With GoMeyra LIMS, medical providers can manage samples and related data with features designed to simplify everyday processes. Whether you’re a hospital, urgent care center, or nursing home, GoMeyra LIMS helps you easily store, analyze, and track medical samples.

For Employers

Are you committed to helping your employees to return to work safely? Rapid, reliable testing is an essential tool for ensuring workers are healthy and that the workplace stays safe. GoMeyra LIMS makes it easy to test for illnesses including COVID-19 for live events, office spaces, work travel, and more. Test results are received on your smartphone in a timely manner so you and your staff can get back to work worry-free.

For Students and Faculty

Ensure students and faculty return to campus safely with rapid, reliable testing in minutes. With GoMeyra LIMS, anyone walking onto a campus will be able to be tested for COVID-19 as well as other illnesses and receive timely results on their smartphones. From classroom attendance to seminars and live events, you’ll receive clear test results for a healthy and safe campus.

How GoMeyra LIMS Makes Lab Management Easier

  • Easy Signup and Registration Process
  • Real-Time, 24/7 Results Tracking
  • Governmental Reporting Made Easier
  • Built-In Data Analyzer for All Instrument Data Conversion
  • Automated Reminders and Notifications
  • Online Payment Processing Available
  • Online Test Kit Inventory Control
  • Bar/QR Code Scanning Automation Capabilities
  • Ability to Manage the Entire Diagnostic Life Cycle
  • Reduce Administrative Resources and Streamline Workflows
  • Reduce Human Error Through Automation
  • Place Test Orders in Seconds
  • Reduce Manual Steps
  • Integrated Utility Simplifies and Automates Data Collection

Mobile LIMS

A lost or misplaced patient sample causes significant concern at a hospital, urgent care center, or other health care facility. GoMeyra’s mobile LIMS capabilities allow all users to access sample data from intuitive mobile apps. This prevents lost samples and human error, and greatly speeds up processing time.

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