GoVirtual Clinic

We help you effectively grow your business from anywhere in the world.

GoVirtual Clinic is a next-generation platform that features a suite of solutions to help you expand your business more efficiently and effectively. Our telehealth single cloud-based platform includes GoMeyra MD, a detailed one-screen interface for providers, and GoMeyra Health, where patients can control and manage their own health records at no cost.

GoVirtual Clinic for Laboratories

GoVirtual Clinic’s all-in-one view is the most unique telehealth platform available for laboratories. Each lab location can customize its telehealth platform to complete tests faster and expand their business.

Fast results in minutes.

Automatic instrument pairing and data upload.

Enables efficient and informed co-operation and oversight by health care teams.

A single, simple intuitive test workflow.

Data can be uploaded to the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) anywhere.

Uses the latest encryption technologies to ensure security and privacy requirements are always met.

GoMeyra MD

With GoVirtual Clinic, medical professionals can administer tests and consult with patients over a secure remote platform.

With GoVirtual Clinic’s simplified, one-screen interface, you can:

Conduct virtual appointments.

Simultaneously view patient health records and medical history.

Order lab tests, prescriptions or screenings.

Validate insurance coverage.

Bill patients and collect payments quickly.

View diagnostic assays on one platform.

GoMeyra Health

The ease of GoVirtual Clinic allows patients to get needed testing done on their own schedule without having to visit a medical office.

The intuitive interface lets patients schedule an appointment online, order a testing kit to be delivered to their door and simply log on to complete the test during the scheduled appointment. The health care professional will help the patient self-administer the test to get clear results. Test results can be revealed and recorded during the online appointment.

GoVirtual Clinic is a next-generation platform that includes a suite of solutions to help you expand your business more efficiently and effectively.

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